Cooking Hacks That You Only Learn From Culinary Institution.

There are day to day mistakes in cooking we make that gives our meals a bland taste, like putting our salt once and for all in our cooking, throwing a frozen lamb or pork straight for grilling, relegating our sugars strictly for baking, using our sticky pans for all manner of food. Below are some cooking tricks you only learn from culinary school that can give your meals a perfect taste. The use of sugar will surprise you
1. Sugar makes a perfect seasoning ingredient for tomato
Sugar is not only used for baking and confectioneries but also for cooking anything that has tomatoes especially if its out of season tomato. By adding a pinch (or three) of sugar to a recipe that uses tomatoes depending on the quantity, you’ll notice a delicious difference. The sugar fights the natural sour taste of the tomatoes to create a rich, pleasant flavor.
2. Olive Oil is Pure Gold in Cooking
Pasta dishes, pizzas, fish dishes, and meat dishes are delicious dishes which were enhanced with drops of good quality olive oil and it makes meals tasty and has a silky touch all have in common? Well, aside from being super delicious, they can all be enhanced with a dollop of olive oil. Many professional and celebrity chefs top off nearly all of their dishes with a sprinkling of this liquid gold.
3. Nonstick Pans are not for Everyday Meal
image of a sticky pan used to fry
Nonstick pans are perfect for eggs, pancakes, French toast etc. but produce a terrible taste and effect in other meals that you will prefer a crusty feel like fish or meat. Due to its coating, it forms a barrier to the food, thereby preventing high heat from reaching the food been cooked and this this does not allow for the rich, tasty, crispy feel. They look good but they are not to be used to prepare all dishes.
4. Make Perfect Tasty Pasta
To get tasty pasta regardless the sauce, after parboiling the pasta, set the water from the pasta aside. Transfer your pasta to your sauce for the remaining time of cooking, by doing so, the pasta will absorb the flavor. But if the sauce is too thick, you can use the water of the pasta which you set aside during parboiling, a little at time to the texture and constituency you desire
5. As Foundation is to a Building so is Salt to Cooking
Never be stingy with salt when cooking. It is better to put salt continuously as you cook to get a perfect blend rather the sprinkling heavily at the beginning or at the end. This way you also avoid over-salting or your food having a bland taste. It also helps other seasonings to stick and taste better.
To get a perfect juicy taste in your chicken, pork and other beefs, try brining them with salt first. Soaking the meat in cold salt water infuses it with rich flavor and a juicy texture even before you cook it. Brining also helps keep your chicken, meat or beef from drying out and provides a safeguard against overcooking.
6. Make A Perfect Steak
image of meat on grill
It is wrong to get meat direct from the freezer and draw it straight for grilling, you cant get a perfect tasty steak. Rather take out the meat from the freezer and allow it sit for an hour or two then cook it when it is at room temperature for optimum result though it may take longer time to cook but the difference in taste is worth the wait.


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