Do Little Children Who Die Actually Go to Heaven?


The theological doctrine that all people will eventually be saved (Universalism) is an unbiblical blasphemy. David in Psalms clearly stated that we were conceived in sin and though God express his love toward sinners yet he does not tolerate sin. God has made one outright arrangement for our salvation through the substitutionary expiation achieved by Jesus Christ our Lord. Salvation goes to the individuals who consciously receives Jesus Christ and admit him as his/her personal Lord and Savior. The Bible clearly shows that there are two destinations for humankind. The Saved – the individuals who are in Christ – will be raised to everlasting life with the Father in Heaven. The individuals who have not had faith in Christ and admitted Him as Lord will endure interminable discipline in the flames of Hell. Universalism is a hazardous and unbiblical educating. It offers a false guarantee and denies the Gospel.

With this Understanding that we are born in sin, and thus we cannot claim that infants are born in a state of innocence. Any biblical answer to the question of infant salvation must start from the understanding that infants are born with a sin nature. The shifting of the focus to election actually avoids answering the question. We must do better, and look more closely at the issues at stake.

Throughout the centuries, the church has offered several different answers to this question. In the early church, St Ambrose (“Concerning Repentance,” c. 387 A.D.) believed that baptized infants went to heaven, while unbaptized infants did not, though they received immunity from the pains of hell. His first error was believing in infant baptism, and thus in baptismal regeneration. Baptism does not save, and it is reserved for believers – not for infants. His second error was his indulgence in speculation. Scripture does not teach such a half-way position which denies infants admission to heaven, but saves them from the peril of hell. Augustine, the great theologian of the fourth century, basically agreed with Ambrose, and shared his understanding of infant baptism.

Others have taught that infants will have an opportunity to come to Christ after death. This position was held by Gregory of Nyssa in his book-The sacred writing of Gregory of Nyssa and is growing among many contemporary theologians who claim that all, regardless of age, will have a post-mortem opportunity to confess Christ as Lord and Saviour. They problem with this position is that scripture teaches no such post mortem opportunity, It is a figment imagination, and must be rejected.

Those who divide infants into the elect and non-elect seek to affirm the clear and undeniable doctrine of divine election. The Bible teaches that God elects persons to salvation from eternity, and that our salvation is all of grace. At first glance, this position appears impregnable in relation to the issue of infant salvation – a simple statement of the obvious. A second glance, however, reveals a significant evasion. What if all who die in infancy are among the elect? Do we have a biblical basis for believing that all persons who die in infancy are among the elect?

We believe that Scripture does indeed teach that all persons who die in infancy are among the elect. Jesus instructed his disciples in Matthew 19:14 that they should “Let the children come to me. Don’t stop them! For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like these children.” We believe that our Lord graciously and freely received all those who die in infancy – not on the basis of their innocence or worthiness – but by his grace, made theirs through the atonement He purchased on the cross.

When an infant is lost to the cold of hands of death, Don’t put your expectation and trust in the bogus guarantees of an unbiblical religious philosophy, in the instability of sentimentalism, in the analysis of human logic, nor in the cowardly refuge of ambiguity.

We place our faith in Jesus Christ, and trust His word. We claim the promises of the Scriptures and the assurance of the grace of our Lord. We know that heaven will be filled with those who never grew to maturity on earth, as they will join other host of heaven to welcome us who are completed in Christ. Let us resolve by grace to meet them there.

This is our perspective on this issue; God’s perspective.




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