How To Tighten Your Private Part Naturally As A Female


Motherhood is a great honor but it takes it toil on the new mother’s body especially if she had a vaginal delivery, the pelvic floor muscles would have been stretched to allow the delivery of a baby or babies as the case may be. The new mom wonders, if she will ever get back her sexiness and that tight vagina that gives her partner pleasure. Read on to know how

How to tighten your vagina after childbirth

According to Dr Tina Alex, after vaginal delivery the muscle tone in the vagina becomes loose hence the pleasures derived from friction between both sexual organs is diminished”

This has a psychological effect on a new mum and has a sole effect of making her feel sexually insure and may take its toil in the marriage. As their partner complains how loose the V region has become, so much that feels like swimming in an ocean

The level of expansion is dependent on the number of vaginal deliveries, genetics, size of the new born etc. Despite all this, the Vagina is like Rubber band, it has both the capacity to expand and contract as well, and efforts need to be made for its contraction to be speedy.

See 5 ways you can get back that tightened vagina that will keep your partner wanting more

Kegel Exercise

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This exercise can be done anywhere, on the street, in the bathroom, kitchen, walking, anywhere in as much as you are awake and conscious of yourself. It’s so simple; tighten your pelvic muscles like you want to stop peeing. Start by holding the squeeze for 5 seconds at first. Then increase the time as you master the act, keep it longer. For instance, keep the pelvic muscles contracted say 12 seconds and relax them for the 12 seconds in between squeezes. You can do as many times as you can the more the better.


The African Style; Hot Water Vapor

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If after a vaginal delivery, there was no complication and no tear and no stitches, then this method comes in handy. Go naked and make sure the water is hot but not too hot to burn your skin please, pour the hot water into a container you can comfortably sit on. The hot vapor emanating from the container touches the surface of your vagina, the walls contracts and relaxes in successions because this is more of reflex action. Helps you perform Kegels but faster and much more.


The Exercise of the Legs

The leg raise exercise is another natural means of tightening a stretched vagina. Simply lie down with your back on the floor, and raise a leg up. Please ensure your legs are straight as you raise and lower them down. For optimal result, do this for about twelve minutes and at least seven times a day.



Food also play a vital role in our healing, nature has so blessed man so much that all that man needs right at his doorstep, just the knowledge and right combination is all you need. Eat diets rich in natural estrogen such as seeds; flax and sesame seeds, Soy-products  like tofu, soy milk, fruits like peaches, strawberries,  alfalfa sprouts, walnuts, peanuts, pistachios.


Pleasurable Orgasms

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During an orgasm the pelvic floor muscles contract and relax and this helps tones up the vagina muscles, so go ahead have as much orgasms as you can. The more toned the ‘V’ muscles the more pleasurable the orgasm becomes.

Others like yoga exercise, the use of vaginal cones, Ben-Wa balls which requires the right size of lubricated balls inside you by holding it in through Kegel exercise, start with 10 minutes then gradually increase the time. Please wash vaginal cones and balls after use for hygiene purpose.

Do let us know if you need any support or share your experience  to encourage someone in the comment section below


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