“Slapping Senator”Senator Elisha Abbo Bags Award Of Excellence- Nigerians react.


Nigerians have expressed dismay over the award of excellence received by Senator Elisha Abbo – who was recently embroiled in an assault case.

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The Senator, who represents Adamawa North senatorial district, was presented with the award by  members of the inter-community awareness-raising and change initiative in Abuja.


Some weeks ago, The lawmaker went viral with a video showing the senator assaulting  a nursing mother at a sex toy shop in Abuja after being involved in an altercation with the sex shop attendant.

When CCTV footage of the incident emerged, he received backlash from the public and was later subjected to a a senate disciplinary panel.

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He has since apologies for the incident.

But reacting, Nigerians took to the social media to express their disappointment at the latest award being given to the senator.

One user notably commented, “Welcome to Nigeria, where you, a public official elected by your constituents, can physically assault a nursing mother in public, get caught on tape and then still go ahead to get awarded for excellence.”

Another user expressed, “The awarder and the awardees are senseless!!”

See their more reactions below:





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