The Lines And Wrinkles On Your Face Reveal Secrets About Your Body’s Overall Health


We all have wrinkles, lines, and spots. It’s a natural part of life that we must, unfortunately, come to terms with.

But did you know that our wrinkles can reveal more than just our age? Just as the color of your eyes can convey deeper meaning about your personality, our wrinkles reveal many fascinating details about our bodies and about our health.

According to face-mapping experts, the face directly connects to the rest of the body. Through the lines and marks on our skin and eyes, our bodies can send us messages and warning signs about our health — and the messages can be extremely eye-opening.

This exclusive look into face-mapping is based on a centuries-old belief in natural healing and body connectivity. And when I saw what the lines between my eyebrows had to do with my liver and my spleen, I was really surprised.

I had no idea that my face could give me such insight into my own health. I’m so glad I know what to look out for now, and how I can use my face as a guide for larger health problems I may need to address!

What do you think about the connection between our facial wrinkles and our health? Let us know in the comments!

Every line, wrinkle, and spot on your face has its own special meaning. Curious to know what your face is trying to tell you? Scroll down to learn the meaning behind each mark!

how to read lines and wrinkles in your face

1. Horizontal Forehead Lines

The horizontal lines on your forehead are often called “worry lines” for a reason. Having these lines indicates that you bottle up a large amount of stress. They are a sign that you may need to take a break and relax with a vacation or a little bit of alone time.

These forehead lines are also directly connected to your stomach. They may be an indication that you are getting too much sugar and fat in your diet and not enough water. If you have these lines, you may need to focus a little more on exactly what you are putting into your body.

2. Right Eyebrow Line

Having a slanted vertical line between your eyebrows is a sign that your internal organs may be on the weaker side. This right eyebrow line is specifically connected to the liver.

There are certain foods that promote a healthy liver such as green vegetables, sweet fruits, and whole grains. If you have this right eyebrow line, you can combat a weak liver by cutting back on coffee, spicy foods, and salt. Obviously, if you are experiencing severe liver problems, you must be sure to see a doctor.

3. Left Eyebrow Line

Just as the right eyebrow line connects to the liver, the left eyebrow line has a direct correlation to the spleen. A prominent left eyebrow line could indicate weakness or trouble in the spleen.

If you suspect anything serious, you should seek medical attention. But in response to your left eyebrow lines, you can strengthen your spleen with certain foods. Like the pancreas, the spleen is stimulated by sweet foods. Just make sure not to add too much sugar to your diet. Some sweet or dried fruit are a perfect natural way to strengthen this organ.

4. Nose Bridge Line

Some people have a wrinkle line right across the bridge of their nose. This line quite often means that you are susceptible to seasonal and non-seasonal allergies.Strangely, this line can also be connected to your libido. If you have a nose bridge line, you may be experiencing a lower sex drive than normal. This may be taking a toll on your love life and could indicate a need to spice things up a bit.

5. Crow’s Feet

One of the most common types of facial lines are what we refer to as crow’s feet. If you have never heard of them before, they are the little lines that radiate out from the sides of your eyes. While they could be a sign that you smile with your whole face (which is certainly not a bad thing), they also can have to do with your eyesight. If you are constantly squinting to see your phone, TV, or computer screen, you may inadvertently be deepening your crow’s feet.

Additionally, the crow’s feet are connected to internal organs, such as the stomach, kidney, and liver. They could be an indication that you have weak organs and need to adjust to a healthier diet and exercise regimen.

6. Under Eye Circles or Bags

We’ve all had those mornings where we haven’t gotten enough sleep and we notice that we have bags under our eyes. But these under eye circles are also connected to our kidneys. These bags may indicate a weak kidney, which can be combatted with fruits, vegetables, and plenty of fluids.

They also are connected to the body’s circulatory system and could mean that you have poor circulation. You can naturally try to combat poor circulation with yoga or even a massage. If it becomes a serious problem, you should, of course, see your doctor.

7. Tender Areas on Cheeks

Experiencing tenderness in the cheeks, or noticing patches or discoloration of the cheeks, can indicate that something deeper is going on internally. Tenderness can be a sign of digestive problems, in which case you might want to reevaluate your diet.

Patches, redness, or other discoloration in the cheeks can mean that you are having lung issues. The lungs are vital organs, so you should practice breathing exercises and physical exercises that involve breath control, such as running. That said, if you are ever having difficulty breathing, see a medical professional right away.

8. Red-Tipped Nose

A red nose can be a common problem, but it is important to know that the nose is directly connected to the heart and circulatory system. A red-tipped nose could indicate a problem with your blood pressure. This is something that your doctor can monitor, but you can also check your blood pressure yourself at a neighborhood drug store.

Your heart health is extremely important, so a red nose means that you should try to avoid spicy foods, alcohol, and coffee. Foods that contain larger amounts of essential fatty acids, such as avocados, are much better for you.

9. Mouth Lines

Many people have vertical lines on the sides of their mouths. The side of the mouth is connected to the colon. While colon health is not always on everyone’s minds, it is very important, especially later in life.

Luckily, this is a relatively easy part of the body to support. Fiber, vitamin D, exercise, and plenty of fluids are simple ways to promote colon health if you notice those side mouth lines.

10. Laugh Lines

Laugh lines can obviously have two drastically different meanings. Of course, if you are the kind of person who is constantly laughing, you are likely to develop deep laugh lines. In this case, keep on laughing and embrace those lines.

However, if you don’t think that laughter is the cause of these lines, you may be looking at a signal that you have a weak pancreas. Some foods that promote pancreatic health are blueberries, cherries, grapes, garlic, and spinach, so you should certainly add those to your diet.

11. Upper Lip Lines

Not everybody develops deep vertical lines across their upper lip area. But those that do often tend to be smokers. Smoking is one of the non-natural causes of upper lip lines.

But this area is also connected to the spleen. In order to combat weakness in the spleen, try eating a diet rich in root vegetables, such as squash, turnips, and carrots. Small, frequent meals are also helpful for longterm spleen health.

12. Spots on Lips

Noticing spots on the lips can have several explanations. They can indicate poor circulation, in which case yoga or physical activity is recommended.

But lip spots can also be an indicator of problems with the colon. Again, high fiber foods are good for colon health. Also, you can promote your colon health by cleansing your colon either at home or by visiting a professional.

13. Neck Lines

Lines can sometimes form along the neck that give the impression of what people call a “double chin.” This is, of course, extremely common and can be the result of being overweight.

However, these neck lines can also be connected to the thyroid gland. There are several ways to improve your thyroid health, including taking zinc pills and cutting gluten out of your diet. Helping your thyroid may also help you to lose weight.

14. Ring Around Iris

In addition to monitoring your facial wrinkles and lines, you should also be sure to check your eyes. If you notice a ring around the iris of your eyes, you may be experiencing higher than normal levels of cholesterol.

High cholesterol can lead to serious health problems such as heart attack or heart disease. Luckily, there are many things you can do to lower your cholesterol, such as eating more vegetables, cutting out trans fats, and adding foods like soy and nuts.

15. Prominent Temple Veins

If you have prominent veins in the temporal region, this may be a sign that you have high blood pressure. Obviously, lowering your stress levels is key to lower blood pressure. You can take a yoga class, go for a walk, or even schedule a vacation.

But there are also plenty of other natural ways to lower your blood pressure. Eating bananas, cutting out the salt, and exercising more are just a few of the ways to improve your blood pressure if you notice these veins near your temples.

16. Lower Lip Line

Plenty of people have a cleft chin, which resembles a little dimple in the chin. But if you have a line just below the lower lip and just above the chin, you may be building up negative feelings.

Holding on to negative emotions is never good for your longterm health, but it may be reflected here in this lower lip line. This may just be the time to let go of any frustration or anger that has been building up inside of you.


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