The Pros and Cons Of The Rape Saga Between Busola Dakolo and COZA Senior Pastor


Nigerians woke up days back with a shocking and detailed interview granted by Busola Dakolo the mother of three and a wife of a renowned Nigerian musician of her raped by Biodun Fatoyinbo the senior Pastor of COZA, the video has gone viral. There has been reactions and counter reactions of this allged raspe saga. some Nigerians took to their social media handle to show solidarity to Mrs Busola with hashtag, celebrities like Genevieve Nnaji, Omotola Jalade, Stella Damascus etc with hashtags for it to trend, #”IStandWithBusola”#, #”NotInMyChurch”#. While some Nigerians staged a protest against the senior pastor registering their hatred against rape by taking placards to his Abuja auditorium demanding for justice and his stepping down which he did on Monday the 1st of July. According to Dr Kemi Olunloyo (HNNAfrica and an investigative journalist) another young lady named Tunmise Oluyede was fired from the church after a allegedly mismanaging a church Dubai Trip, came out on the 4th of July saying the same senior pastor of COZA raped her some time in 2017.

picture of an ex COZA member who claim to be raped by Biodun, the senior pastor in COZA


There is yet another group of Nigerians who feels the story do not add up, she was raped thrice, in her father’s house. The pastor was bold enough to come so early to her family house to rape her.this group believes there is a catch! Why wait for over seventeen years to make a declaration and open confession.Reno  Omokri, (the former special assistant to Ex president of Nigeria Goodluck Jonathan) AOP Daddy Freeze, Steph Nora Okere( a former Nigerian nollywood actress) seem not to believe the story in totality, hence this celebrities took to their social media handle to register their opinion.

Read what  Steph-Nora Okere wrote on her Facebook page

She wrote, “RAPE SAGA ISH
I just want to know how it is possible for a man to rape a woman three different times in a house full of people and not just that, the rape victim continues worshiping in the church, gets wedded by the pastor, gets wedding car gift from the pastor and still stays on till now.

“I am so miffed. I walked away from a major film shoot, exited Nollywood because of a near-rape incident. So am wondering, what is the catch in all these?

“The said victim should make it good by also opening up to her husband on another gury incident in her past, not just this. I rather think someone is trying to cover up something with this ish.

“I’m sitting n waiting for the end of it”, she added.

A face book user named Adjenughure Don Emmanuel, wrote on his face book page that Timi some years back came online to tell the world that he met his wife a virgin, years down the lane he is saying now that COZA pastor raped his wife. Find his post below



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