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Quiet a number of persons call Ankara “, “African prints”, “African wax prints”, “Ankara prints’’, “Holland wax” and “Dutch wax” which are 100% cotton texture. Due to its extremely flexible texture numerous things can be produced using Ankara, for example hats, hoops, overcoats, jumpsuits, purse, bangles, earrings and shoes; Fashionistas have made Ankara prints on textures like chiffon, silk, spandex for attire like – Kaftans, Iro and Bubas, swimming outfits, sports bars, tights, leggings and socks.

Ankara print textures are made through an Indonesian wax-oppose coloring system called batik. In this procedure, strategies are utilized to “oppose” the color from achieving all the material, along these lines making an example. The absence of difference in shading force assists with the assurance of the (front) right and (back) wrong side of the texture

Due to high demand for Ankara but the many stages of production makes the original Ankara very expensive for a common man in the third world country to purchase; however, there is a low quality print though may look colorful in prints but fades quickly substandard and of a low grade. Whilst the original has almost the same color and texture front and back, the substandard is very plain at the back and the prints in front does not reflect or show at all at the back and the feel is not the same.

Ankara print textures are typically sold per yard, 6 yards or 12 yards. The texture organization, item and enlistment number is imprinted on the selvage of the texture, to tell individuals of the quality and to shield the plans from imitators.

Fashion has evolved, hence Ankara print textures can be worn for all events, unlike before when it was used for traditional and ‘normal’ events only.

A few people wear it as “asoebi” for extraordinary events, for example, birthday celebrations, weddings, balls and so on. Asoebi is a Nigerian word and signifies “garments of the family”. Relatives, and close companion of the celebrants spice up the occasion with stylishly designed same colored and patterned Ankara prints to identify with the celebrants.

Despite the fact that ankara textures are related with the African culture, it’s starting points are not legitimately and completely African. Dutch wax prints began as mass-delivered impersonations of Indonesian batik texture.

It was initially expected for the Indonesian market yet found a more excited market in West Africa, where it moved toward becoming images of conventional and amazing design. From West Africa, this texture spread to different parts of Africa and everywhere throughout the world.

See the styles and designs you can use Ankara prints to achieve from the casuals to the dinner dates, evening wears, Dress- down Friday for workers, runway models, red carpet events and formal meetings

This beautiful well designed Ankara top on a fitted leather kneel length or slightly above the kneel skirt is perfect for a’Dress down Friday’ for workers and and evening outing with matching shoes and clutch bag



This is another simple yet nice dress for an evening wear, date or that special event which you want to create a simple yet classy look

This prints is simply beautiful with the right footwear to go with it perfect for that dinner date, evening outing, birthday bash, wedding, or that special occasion. The color of the material soothes her skin and complemented her high qualities like her legs

This is a head turner any day, if sown to perfection, can be worn to balls , red carpets and special events but not to the office because of the open back


pix via wild image

This dress is shunning and beautiful for dinner, red carpet events, balls , weddings and any other special events

Perfect for Dress -down friday and any other meetings

For a sex appeal look, highlighting your strong qualities like long straight legs, flat tummy, beautiful even skin toned abs and hands. Then this style is perfect


This style favors more the bold and beautiful sisters as it flatters their body mass more than the slim sisters

For that sport look, this will nail it!

For that exotic look for events like wedding or even ‘aso ebi’, this can suffice


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Need fashion ideas on how to accessorize your African attire and how to design your next outfit to look shunning to that event without breaking your bank account. Keep a date with us as we explore the fashion scene together. Also See our http://trending-ankara-styles-for-your-kids-may-edition on how to make your kids fashion divas and rulers

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