Wondered What You Are Created For?

what are you created for


Most time, it seems as if life is unfair, some of us seem to push but not knowing where life struggles will lead us to. Some, in the process of time succeed others keep struggling living another man’s dream till they die unfulfilled; where we are born , the information at our disposal to a great extent determine how far we go. There are countries that suffer from natural disaster while others suffer from human induced disaster; people categorize it as religious, political, social issues, all these you must understand and your grasping these may make or mar you in life.

Success is a relative term, but being fulfilled, having the comfort and peace of mind is golden. In Nigeria to day …2018, money is EVERYTHING, to be termed a successful man, you must own houses, fleets of exotic cars, have plenty of money and maybe occupy a position of influence; it does not matter how you get there. Ritual killings, internet scam, robbery, terrorism, hypnotism, prostitution, desperations are orders of the day. How did we get here? Nobility, honesty and hard work are seen as unfashionable, not trendy and not a prerequisite for wealth. Be poor, honest and hardworking, no one wants to hear you or be associated with you but then, this is not new. We look for success and wealth in the wrong places most time.

No one came to this world empty, that which you love to do may not be trendy or renowned but keep improving on it, be innovative and creative about your talent and passion with dogged determination, you will get there. That Cristiano Ronaldo succeeding in football, and you made up your mind to be a footballer just to leave the pangs of poverty or mediocrity, does not mean you will be a success in that field even if you leave the poverty line. You may never know true joy, not knowing who you are originally destined to be.

Money in dollas

Success is not only monetary; money is a defense hence very important as well, if you have ever lived in the third world country, then you will understand how seriously important money is. Money can buy you justice, apart from basic amenities of life which is no longer basic but luxury, friends; you can be followed and worshipped as a God when you have money. But money is not true success. Whatever you hand findeth to do do it well.Please note this, if you must be a global financier, you won’t achieve this on a paid job. God is a creator, create your product. Product can be anything like music, fashion, sport, writing things like; lyrics, poems, books, entertainment like comedy, acting etc and then monetize it.

Did I mention BSc or HND in this matter? No, formal education is to broaden our horizon and open up our minds to possibilities not confine it, the certificate gotten is just to remind us that we passed the formal training, but the true learning took place in our minds and that is what we need to enlarge our territories, education is continual though in an informal or semi -formal way. Like the fig tree Jesus cursed, it was because it has ALL the potential of yielding fruits but does not have a single fruit to show for all the good soil, sunlight water it has consumed over the years. There are no jobs? create one, no matter how small, keep at it, keep learning better ways of doing it, you will perfect the Act.

A child birthed today did not start walking the same day (if such happens, that child must either be a mutant or is walking in the miraculous). PATIENCE and FAITH in God are overly important, the truth is the realm of the spirit controls the physical realm, so don’t joke with it. Just like a child well fed and taken care of, give him or her time, that child will grow to  be healthy all things been equal. Patience is a virtue which is lacking in the ‘get money quick scheme’

PARIS, FRANCE – JULY 10: Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal kisses the Henri Delaunay trophy to celebrate after their 1-0 win against France in the UEFA EURO 2016 Final match between Portugal and France at Stade de France on July 10, 2016 in Paris, France. (Photo by Matthias Hangst/Getty Images)

We all are born great, find your love and passion and harness it, the sky is too big for birds to clash.

Image result for picture of genevieve nnajiNigerian Screen Diva Genevieve Nnaji

Examples of those who were not graduates before they got stardom and money … Wiz kid, Genevieve  Nnaji, Sir Shina Peters, George Weah, Tuface Idibia, Leonel Messi, Bill Gate, Mark Zugerberg,  the list is endless. The list awaits your name……… you too can be a voice in your field!












Tuface Idibia/Nigerian renowned Musician


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